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A serial killer who is an escape artist



"Don't tell me it can't be done after I already did it."

Joseph A. Garcia - RANDALL BLAKE - Stole August's plans in order to have the power to control all access to the internet. IMDB Link

LaRaine Fisher - AUGUST HAYNES - Working with a group of friends, she created the theory behind internet travel. IMDB Link

Elena Talan - NATASHA GORSKY - Stole August's plans because there was an amazing amount of money to be made from them. IMDB Link

Stephanie Edmonds - MARIA RAMIREZ - Provided the funding for the project in order to save her parents. IMDB Link

Leona Lesseos - SHEILA MILLS - Works for Randall Blake and builds the internet device from the plans he stole from August. IMDB Link

Elina Madison - MADISON CONNER - The other militarly fighter that Randall hires to take control of the internet. IMDB Link

Victoria DeMare - CRYSTAL YODER - Intern for Randall. First person that he sends into the internet to find out how the device works. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

Taylor Renee La Reau - HELENA KARLSON - Works for Natasha Gorsky as an assassin. Will attack anyone who tries to stop Natasha. IMDB Link

Robyn Daniels - YVONNE JOHNSON - August's friend, and strongest ally. She will defend August at any cost. IMDB Link Actors Access Link

Kristy Chavez - KIM RAMOS - Invented the technology along with August, and was the first to be trapped. IMDB Link

Marie Paquim - OLGA KERN - Works for Natasha Gorsky and builds the internet device from the plans that she stole from August. IMDB Link

Christyl Dean - DANA WILSON - intern for Randall. Goes into the internet in an attempt to take control of the military system. IMDB Link

Kaitlyn Delaney - JASMINE CRAIG - Kim's step-sister. Accidently uses the device to transport into the internet. IMDB Link

Colbert Alembert - DAVID MICHEALS - Madison's Fiancee. IMDB Link

Kaitlin Ferrell - SASHA KOLLAC - Works for Natasha Gorsky and provides the money to fund the project. IMDB Link

(open role) - KAREN GREER - Board member. IMDB Link

Jason Daniels - BILL GRIMES - Runs the gym where Yvonne, Brenda and Madison train. IMDB Link

Teresa Anne Volgenau - LINDA CLARK - Head of the board of the company that Natasha and Randall work for. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

Jessica Chortkoff - SUSAN JASPERS - Love interest for Randall. Works on the board and provides the funding for his projects in hopes of gaining his love. IMDB Link

Michelle Manhart - SARA MILLS - Intern for Randall. First person to travel on the sparks. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

Meggan Anderson - DETECTIVE SIMMS - Police Detective. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

(open role) - BORIS BANNIK - Russian killer. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

Athena Demos - BRENDA MIMMS - One of the two military fighters that Randall hires to take control of the internet. IMDB Link AND Professional Link

Anne Rene Brashier - DOCTOR ADAMS - Doctor to Maria's parents. IMDB Link

Melinda Kramer - AMANDA PEELS - Kim's Attorney. IMDB Link

Kady Douglas - EVELYN QUAID - Secretary of Defense. IMDB Link

Darrell Philip - RONALD BURNS - Chairman of the board. IMDB Link

Linda Minas - CLARA REYES - Hospital worker. IMDB Link

Gennifer M. Hirano - GEM - Speed internet fighter. IMDB Link

Rhiannon Nicole - REY - Power internet fighter. IMDB Link Professional Link

Jeaneen Tang - TAN - Martial Arts internet fighter. IMDB Link

Alex Tavitian - SIMON - Parole officer for Sheila. IMDB Link Professional Link

Ashley St. Pierre - YOLANDA RAMIREZ - Maria's mother and one of the two people that August first sends into the internet. IMDB Link

Shelley So - PRIVATE KNOCKS - Military private. IMDB Link

Jen Jesick - JUNKIE - Junkie in Yvonnes drug house.

Edith Sumaquial - DOCTOR BAINS - Hospital Doctor. IMDB Link

Lauren Lemay - NURSE DOYLE - Hospital Nurse. IMDB Link

McKenzie Cowan - NURSE KYLE - Hospital Nurse. IMDB Link

Sarah Marie Ledesma - NURSE POWERS - Hospital Nurse. IMDB Link

Jorge Ferran - RAMON RAMIREZ - Maria's father and the other person that August sends into the internet in her first attempt. IMDB Link

Jennie Martinez - SANDY FIELDS - Hospital worker. IMDB Link

Cristina Jankovic - TAMMY WELLS - Assistant to Linda Clark. IMDB Link

Manny Gaona - BUCK - Construction foreman. IMDB Link

TJ Trapp - ERIC - Henchman for Boris. IMDB Link

Hannah Thi - GUARD SELLERS - Prison guard. IMDB Link

Peter O'leary - MARCUS - Another Henchman for Boris. IMDB Link

Click the link for the rough draft screenplay: It Was Fun When We Started.

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