Fernleif Productions

Fernleif Productions is a full production company dedicated to creating films and applications that will change your life. With everything from SciFi to Drama to Comedy, we are actively seeking out projects that change the ways that people think. With the added dimimision of applications, the films can take on a second life, moving from the big screen to the small one.

Fun Language Applications

The Fun Language apps are available in several different languages. It is a fun way to get introduced into the basic words and phrases used in a language. It is not designed to teach you the language, but rather, to allow you to enjoy a language is a fun and easy way.

Back in the Box Competition

The Back in the Box Competition is a way for Screenplay writers to present their concepts and ideas for Fernleif Productions for possible collaboration or acquisition. Each year, the top winners are awarded cash and other prizes in order to help them get their project off the page and onto the screen.

Filmmakers are also encouraged to participate since the prizes awarded increase the viewership of the film, possibly leading to a full distribution deal.


Film projects currently in development

The following film projects are currently in development:

We Meet Again (SciFi): A woman and her lover find a secret portal that allows them to cross diminsions of time and space. What they don't know is that each time they cross, they forget who they are, and what they meant to each other.

Fidelity Clause (Comedy): A beautiful socialite tries to get her husband to break the fidelity clause in their prenuptial agreement so that she can collect a higher alimony.

Praying Mantis (Drama): A female serial killer who targets wife beaters and cheating husbands.

Visit to the Afterlife (Drama): A female astral traveler learns about life and death from a spiritual guide in the afterlife.